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Where to find New Zealand's best sparkling wine brands...

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A few answers really... as it's all go at the Méthode Marlborough headquarters!

Over the past couple of months we have updated our website (thanks for visiting!). Having a robust portal that shares everything you need to know about Méthode Marlborough is critical to putting our New Zealand méthode traditionnelle's on the map. Here you will always keep up to date with events, articles, and info on member's latest releases. We are excited about the opportunity to increase awareness for the exceptional quality of our member's méthode traditionnelle wines.

If you haven't checked out MM's upcoming Logan Brown event on our Facebook page, have a peek now - An Evening of Sparkling Wine. It is most definitely under priced and is set to be a delicious and FUN evening! 5 courses, 10 wines, $135. And did we mention Logan Brown?! Can't wait to see what Steve and Shaun create!

Last but certainly not least, we continue to grow from strength to strength as iconic brands committed to premium sparkling wine join our organisation. A warm welcome to Pernod Ricard (Deutz) and Saint Clair who have recently joined Méthode Marlborough. Their wines are a wonderful addition to our organisation - further extending the calibre and diversity of our member portfolio.


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