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Local Wines – Local Dining Traditions

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

When Harry’s Hawker House opened for business in 2018, owners Tania and Matt Bouterey continued a tradition of offering dining experiences at 296 Trafalgar Street, Nelson that stretches back to 1961. The site was once famously the “Chez Eelco” – Nelson’s very first café, and one of the earliest cafes in New Zealand to have footpath tables and chairs. The site has since hosted 3 other cafes and restaurants before becoming Harry’s Hawker House in 2018. The ever evolving menu is inspired by the flavours and vibrancy of South East Asian street food and hawker markets.

On the wine list you’ll find two Méthode Marlborough wines sitting comfortably side by side – No. 1 Assemblé and Tohu Rewa Rosé Méthode Traditionnelle. These Marlborough wines also represent a long tradition of place.

No. 1 Estate reflects the history of the Le Brun family, who have been producing Méthode Traditionnelle since early 80’, but who’s roots in champagne making go back to 1684. Tohu have been winemaking for 20 years, and released the Rewa Rosé 2015 late in 2018 to celebrate 20 years of winemaking excellence.

It seems appropriate that these two wineries who celebrate a long journey of winemaking to achieve Méthode Traditionnelle excellence today are served in a café/restaurant venue that also features a long history of offering exquisite dining experiences in the region.

Visit Harry's Hawker House whilst their street side outdoor seating is still available. or 03 539 0905.


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