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Allan Scott Wines - It's a family business

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Almost 40 years ago, Allan Scott established one of the first independent wineries in Marlborough. Now the Scott family is behind one of New Zealand's world renowned family-operated businesses. They remain passionate about their product, and being heavily immersed in the business, ensures you will always have a memorable experience with each wine, whatever your taste.

Elder daughter Victoria is responsible for Marketing, while their son Josh is Chief winemaker, taking responsibility for the variety of wines the winery produces. Younger daughter Sara has also trained as a winemaker, but works mostly in the vineyard. She has followed her father’s specialty as a viticulturalist and, according to Allan, has an almost instinctual approach to the industry.

The wine selection is made by us on our premises, so we can be sure that what ends up on your table is always top notch.

Every day there is cause for celebration and the Scott family are avid bubbles fans, especially Allan’s wife Catherine. Like all Methode Marlborough members they are religious about producing the best Methode Traditionnelle.

To learn more about their wines, or to find out how to visit their beautiful Twelve Trees Restaurant and tasting room, visit


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